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Everest Institute - Rochester

Everest Institute in Rochester, NY

At Everest Institute - Rochester campus, located in the New York area, you can get solid career training along with life skills that you need to excel in your chosen field. A major benefit of attending classes at Everest is that classrooms are designed to help you understand vital concepts very quickly and easily.

Here's some of the help you can get to succeed:

  • Hands-on training provided
  • Access to dedicated and experienced instructors
  • Small work teams
  • Dedicated career placement services

A conducive learning environment through passionate instructors and practice can help you learn the skills to succeed. Hands-on training allows you to actually work with programs and equipment that you're likely to find on the job. At Everest, you get to practice those skills right alongside others who are of like mind and spirit.

Everest instructors are able to make the classroom subject material come alive through engaging classroom discussions and innovative classroom projects.

Career placement services can work with you upon graduation, and expose you to a strong network of employers who value the training you've received at Everest. You can connect with job listings, help fine-tune your resume, and work with you to make a solid impression during the interview.

If you just finished high school or even if you've been in the work force for a while, you can start training for a brand new career today. Contact Everest Institute - Rochester campus in New York, today for more information.

Everest Institute - Rochester

1630 Portland Avenue Rochester, NY 14621

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